Public Speaking

public speaking Birmingham 3ee gee consulting

Take the fear out of public speaking and deliver a truly inspirational speech or presentation with our inspirational training.

It is not just content but the style and your performance that matter if you want to deliver a memorable and high impact speech. The workshop is based on using our winning triangulation formula. Know your message, know your audience, know yourself.  Delegates will not only be taught the key ingredients of what makes an excellent speech or presentation but will also help you to learn how to be in a peak state to deliver.

Delegates will have an opportunity to learn our techniques and receive valuable feedback. The workshops are active, combining physical and intellectual exercises, making our public speaking training truly unique.

3ee Gee Public speaking courses

At 3eeGee we pride ourselves on training from practical experience, not a textbook,  and our trainer is well versed in coaching others on the delivery and content of presentations and speeches.

Besides our one to one coaching we offer a half day or a full day workshop for groups. Our trainer is a qualified Toastmaster and has extensive experience in public speaking.

Public Speaking training raaj shamji 3eeG3ee

Contact us on: or on 07976 032227


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