Personal Coaching

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Our one to one Coaching supports individual in various aspects of their lives. It helps you move from where you are now, to where you want to be…quicker and more effectively than if you acted alone. What would you do if knew you couldn’t fail? Everything you wanted to be, do or have? The bespoke 3eeGee one to one Coaching allows clients to grow and expand their comfort zone.

Personal and Business Coaching with 3eeGee

Personal and Business Coaching with 3eeGee

Our one to one Coaching sessions can help Coachee’s in the following areas:

  • Clarify goals, ambitions and values
  • Increase performance and model excellence
  • Get clearer thinking
  • Set up a personal ‘values’ system
  • Being realistic
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Clarify and identify options
  • Structure an effective action plan
  • Help answer “how do you get there?” question
  • Change and manage limiting beliefs
  • Help Coachee’s to stretch and expand in various areas of their lives
  • Presentation deliver and public speaking

3eeGee coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques and in particular Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Our Coach is experienced in NLP and in addition areas of finance, management, teamwork, public speaking, leadership and one to one coaching.

For further information please contact: or on 07976 032227


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