public speaking Birmingham 3ee gee consulting

3ee Gee Consulting provides a service to its clients typically in the following areas:

  • Team building workshops
  • DiSC profiling (Leadership and Team)
  • Events and Project Management
  • Setting Team or Company Values
  • Strategy formulation
  • Performance measurement
  • Personal One to One coaching
  • Public Speaking

Our personal ethos is to passionately ‘add value’ to people’s lives and businesses. We use the Zoroastrian tenant of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds (hence our name 3eeGee) as the foundation of our beliefs in how we treat individuals and businesses.  Why not contact us for more information on how we can ‘add value’ and help you or your business grow.

For further information please contact: rem.team@yahoo.co.uk or on 07976 032227



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