Our Offer

public speaking Birmingham 3ee gee consulting

We offer a bespoke personal and business solution for our clients. We have a verity of clients both individuals and business owners. Individuals come to us for personal growth and for support to reach those life goals to achieve everything they wanted to do, be or have. Typically our business owner clients come to 3eeGee saying that their business occupies more time than they initially envisaged and that they have no time to do all those things they thought they could do in life.

 Both individuals and businesses have barriers and limiting beliefs that block their growth. 3eeGee supports individuals to achieve their personal goals and helps business owners achieve a business that pays owners richly in time and money.

There usually is no off the shelf solution for businesses and individuals. Our Consultants are experienced in finance, events and project management, NLP and Coaching, team building, strategy formulation, setting values and goals and public speaking. Given this experience you can rely on our Consultant to provide value for the growth of you individually and/or you business.

For further information please contact: rem.team@yahoo.co.uk or on 07976 032227


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