Effective Performance Measurement

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Setting performance measures in a company is vital in a competitive world.

3eeGee will set bespoke performance measures for the company and in turn the employees of the organisation to ensure “what get measured get done”. Measures are set once there is an understanding of what is trying to be achieved. 3eeGee strongly believes that its not one measure that fits all. Measures are usually both financial and non financial.

Performance Measurement with 3eeGee

Performance Measurement with 3eeGee

Performance Measures will help Senior Management to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the Company Vision and Strategy and identify the gap between actual and targets. It is not imperative to have a detailed Strategy or a set of values but in its absence our Consultant will help identify what matters for the growth of the business. Tools such as the Balance Scorecard and KPIs are readily used as are tools such as NLP and Coaching.

From experience it is vital to manage the perception of employees of the value and importance of measuring performance and to ensure they have buy in. In some instance support and training is identified and addressed to ensure there is total goal alignment with all stakeholders. 3eeGee will also ensure there is an effective monitoring system in place.

3eeGee’s qualified Management Accountant (CIMA) and MBA graduate will ensure advanced performance measurement development and analysis.

For further information please contact: rem.team@yahoo.co.uk or on 07976 032227


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